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Veröffentlicht am:09.12.2018
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Plusquam Records was a Germany based independent sublabel of legendary Spirit Zone Records formed by Wolfgang Ahrens (aka DJ Antaro). It was established to release other music styles which did not fit into Spirit Zone’s music concept such as minimal techno and trance. But after some releases, DJ Antaro realized that the establishing and the results of these subgenres need more attention and connections as planned. Therefore he was more driven by the realization of his VooV Experience Festival.

After several months of silence regarding releases – he finally shut down Plusquam Records.
Later in 2003 he adopted it to Jürgen Schneider (aka DJ Laureth). Consequently Plusquam Records became independant from Spirit Zone - that is why DJ Laureth released the first CD release with the name “Revive“ to initialize the label’s revification and independancy.

With “Revive” DJ Laureth sets Plusquam Records’ new standards in style: Progressive PsyTrance.
Between 2003 and 2008 the style of Plusquam is in a range between Progressive PsyTrance and Progressive Trance. Within this genre Plusquam Records set massive quality standards by releasing legendary albums by Auricular, Bitmonx, DJ Fabio & Bitmonx, Cafu and Haldolium.

Since 2008 Plusquam Records got his focus more on international progressive psytrance acts such as Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Sensifeel, Gaudium, Meander, Sunstryk.

In August 2008 Plusquam Records’ 100% ownerships was transferred to Thomas Vitali (aka Sunstryk).
In September 2008 the Plusquam Records Labelgroup was established in Munich, Germany.

In January 2013 Plusquam Records separates the genres stricly into non-trance titles for PLUSQUAM RECORDS and progressive psy/trance titels for PLUSQUAM TRANCE.

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